HENGTONG provides a series of end-to-end cable products and service solutions in telecommunication market. The products mainly include: layer stranded optical cable, central-tube optical cable, ribbon optical cable, special optical cable, indoor optical cable, power optical cable. In recent years, the company constantly increases investment in new product research and development. Relying on the existing platform, the company has established standard air-blowing proving ground, flame retardant and fire-resistant combustion laboratory, which are in accordance with GB/T standard and IEC standard. Moreover, the company has successfully passed CNAS certification and developed successively Ultra-fine Air-dry Optical Cables, All-dry ADSS Optical Cables, Anti-bite Optical Cables and other new products, which can be widely used in all kinds of special application scenarios, and has been sold to America, Europe, Middle East and other regions.

General outdoor optical cables

Duct and Non-Self Supporting Aerial Cable

Direct buried Cable

All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

Ribbon Optical Fiber Cable

FIG 8 Self-supporting Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

Shallow Water Optical Fiber Cable

Indoor optical cables

Jumper wire

Indoor Cabling System

FTTX Drop Cable

Indoor Multi-fiber Riser Cable

MPO Jumper Wire

Special outdoor optical cables

All Dielectric Reinforced Optical Fiber Cable

U-Tube Air-Blowing Micro Optical Fiber Cable

Drainage Pipe Optical Fiber Cable

All Dielectric Self-supporting Drop Cable

Optical and Electrical Hybrid Cable for Access Network

Anti-rodent Optical Fiber Cable

A-Dry Type Optical Fiber Cable

Flame-retardant Optical Fiber Cable

Groove Optical Fiber Cable

Easily recognized Optical Fiber Cable

High Flame-retardant And Fire-resistant Cable

Enlightening the Future

HENGTONG aims for high-end technology and products, conforms to the industrial trends of communication and electric power, and is dedicated to the needs of optical communication, power distribution´╝ćtransmission and a variety of special transmission applications.