HTIN-Employee Recognition Program During Corona Virus Pandemic

By October 7, 2020 India news

Hello Everyone,

Hengtong India celebrated employees recognition program across the company.

The toll of the global pandemic continues to wear on employees, therefore the need for employee recognition and appreciation was really an opportunity for us to show our employees they are seen, they are heard, and they are valued. We at Hengtong India strongly believe to appreciate both the impact, our employees make and the character traits that contribute to the diversity, Inclusion and success of our HTIN teams.” In todays’ time one of the best ways to express recognize and appreciate employees is through virtual cloud platform.

It drove a very positive company culture, which impacted good engagement and ultimately had a fair and positive impact on stronger immune system and even helped to eliminate the feelings of isolation and loneliness. The overwhelming response from employee’s end while appreciating each other also denoted the fact that all HTIN employees are stronger and together during this phase of pandemic. It also showcased how much of hard and smart work has been put forth in making HTIN as one of the best places to work for. The Commitment, Teamwork, Excellence, CSR, and Innovation which are our steppingstone of core values have been in full play with a sense of purpose. Our open and transparent employee recognition helps all our employees to know how every individual work tie into the bigger picture of the company’s overall vision and mission statement and how their contribution matters.

While we are certain the future will be promising, as we are committed to bring employees together, even if they cannot be together in person at the moment, our employee recognition initiative has been a powerful tool that foster a sense of community, building lasting connections, and enable employees to help one another through this challenging times.